Interactive social video platform built around community

Meet VIDSO, the new generation social experience combining content, distribution, and robust monetization.

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Powerful features to supercharge your content

Powered by WebRTC

The latest in video technology that allows for near zero latency, responsive facial feature tracking with 3D masks and lenses, user interactions, and audio-only options.

Full Content Monetization

VIDSO has robust monetization capabilities driving platform revenue, including transactional and subscription models.

Collaborative Entertainment

Community-driven, collaborative entertainment that seamlessly enables real-time and asynchronous content, drives increased time spent in-app and repeated interactions each day, and interactive programming.

And many more amazing features!


Custom animated gifts send to content creators during their live broadcast.


Easy to earn cash through PayPal and Stripe integrations. Transactional in-app purchases help attract talent, and subscriptions offer recurring revenue.

Direct Messages

Offline conversations through direct messages and community pages.


Customizable marketplace where fans can purchase personalized video messages from their favorite talent.

Ticketed Events

Sell tickets to virtual events, festivals, panels, and more, directly on VIDSO. Transaction and the event itself takes place right in the app.

Data Reporting & Analytics

Reporting on individual videos and posts, users and content creators can learn more about their fans and interactions and what drives engagement.